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The Nightlife

The nightlife of every city serves as a major attraction for the tourists. Some tourists love to have fun during the day and even after the dark when on vacations. Hurghada respects that provides exactly what the tourists want. For all those people who wish to enjoy their stay in this city at night, there are a lot of options for them to get entertained and have the best time of their lives. The nightlife in Hurghada is very vibrant and seems like the whole city comes to life after the dark. Bars, nightclubs and even the beaches are full of fun activities.

  1. Caribbean Beach Bar

For tourists who haven’t had enough of the beach during the day and wish to enjoy the city’s amazing beaches even at the night, they can hit up to the Caribbean Beach Bar which is located just beside the sea. It offers comforting and soothing atmospheres to let the tourists relax by the sea even after the dark. They can enjoy the scenic beach views with live music and a nice cocktail.

  1. El Mashrabia

This is a café in the city that offers a shady outdoor seating. It offers the best tea and shisha to let the tourists have amazing night time. This place is located with Chinese lanterns and the windows are decorated with wooden lattice. It is a perfect tea and shisha spot for tourists to relax after dark.

  1. Little Buddha

This place is very popular as it is no less than an amazing bling-fest. It is the focus of nightlife in the city and is the perfect place to party and have the best nightlife experience in the city. High standard sushi and teppanyaki are also provided here. 

  1. Papa’s Beach Club

An open-air dancing bar, what else does one need to have fun? Papa’s Beach Club is an open-air nightclub that plays the best music and allows the tourists to have a chance to explore the nightlight of the city. It is the perfect location to spend a night when one is on a vacation.

  1. Calypso Disco

One of the most famous discos in town, not much visited by the locals. The majority of the people here are tourists. It is impressively designed.

  1. Ministry of Sound

Perfect DJs, dancers, drinks and open air, the perfect recipe of a night full of fun and excitement. This is an open air place and is a must visit. Almost 1500 people gather under the moon here and shake their bodies on the DJs music. It is an out of this world experience. This place also has theme nights to add more fun to the night. Party at the beach at its best just at Ministry of Sound.

The Hurghada nightlife is full of fun and excitement. There are a lot of things that tourists can do when the sun sets. As this is a city of beaches, it allows the tourists to make the most of it even after the dark. All the beaches serve as the Hurghada nightlife area.


In Hurghada, tourists are in for an experience that they won’t be able to take out of their minds. It will be an experience of their lifetime and will wish to go there again. The beaches are this resort city’s most prominent feature and the tourists here can enjoy the beaches not just during the day but even at night. This city offers a complete vacation package for not only the families but even for groups of friends.

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