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The History and Culture of Hurghada

Egypt is a country with a very strong historical background and it is an immensely important country for the followers of Islam and almost 90% of the population in this country are Muslims. All its cities have historical stories to it but there is this one city, Hurghada, about which not much is known. Historians are still struggling to find about Hurghada history before the 20th century as till date, no solid proofs have been found.

Phase 1: A Fishing Village, Ghardaka

The Hurghada city was a fishing village in the country. It was a quiet and hidden place in Egypt and it was referred to as Ghardaka. People were unable to realize how important this city is until a few years ago. Fishing was a normal practice in this area and was the major profession of the inhabitants.

Phase 2: Establishment of Hurghada

In the year 1905, Egyptians realized how important this city was and it was the time when this fishing village was made into a properly functioning city. Work was being done to make this city a coastal resort to attract tourism and by 1980, this city became the world’s best coastal resort at the Red Sea.

Phase 3: Discovery of Oil

The inhabitants of Hurghada made an amazing discovery in the year 1913. Oil was discovered under the land of this city. This discovery elevated the position of this city significantly. It was in the year 1921 that the city began to export oil and strengthened its economy. Soon this city became the most notable port in Egypt.

Phase 4: October War

In the year 1973, in October, a war took place in which this gorgeous city became a target of four operations by Israel. This was the time when this city went in serious deterioration.

Phase 5: Development of the Red Sea Coastal Resort

Even after massive deterioration, this city managed to stand on its foot even today. Its beautiful beaches and landscapes have been utilized to build this as a highly developed coastal resort at the Red Sea. Today, more than 100 hotels have been constructed and offer amazing activities to tourists today. This development has paved way for tourism and has established this city as Egypt’s biggest tourist destination, where every year more than 2.5 million tourists come to visit.

Hurghada Culture

Even after so much development, Hurghada Culture has been preserved. It has some ancient landmarks and buildings that grab the attention of the tourists. These landmarks are a perfect reflection of the Hurghada culture. Karnak temple which was renovated and beautified in the ear of every new pharaoh, the monastery of St. Paul which is fortified and was used by the monks as a protection from the invaders and monastery of St. Anthony is also located on the hills of the city.

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