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Top Things to Do in Hanoi

Hanoi, capital and the largest city of Vietnam, is one of the most admired tourist destinations in the world. Rich cultural heritage, ancient architecture and great food are the highlights of this 1000 years old antique city. Millions of tourists come here every year to enjoy the top-notch Hanoi sightseeing and loads of other activities. There are so many things to do in Hanoi that a tourist who come here can never get bored. If you are thinking about what to do in this city of mixed cultures, here is a guide to help you know about the amazing activities a tourist can enjoy here.

Hanoi Day Cruises:

One of the most famous activity in Hanoi are the day cruises. It is a perfect way to explore the beautiful Halong Bay and is an experience that will dwell in the minds forever.

  • Halong Bay Small-Group Adventure Tour, Including Cruise from Hanoi

The tourists get a chance to explore the majestic Halong Bay in the best way possible, in a Chinese Junk. On this cruise trip, tourists can witness the captivating rural villages at the Northern side. They get a chance to enjoy the picturesque scenes of magnificent islands that fill the Halong Bay along with karst exploration and seafood buffets!

Duration : 11 to 12 hrs
From : $ 100.00 Book Now

  • Ha Long Carina Cruise 3 days 2 nights depart from Ha Noi

Carina Cruise is one of the most popular junks that sail through the gorgeous waters of the Halong Bay. Choosing this cruise is the best choice as it has access to various less populated areas where only a few junks can be found and sometimes no junks at all can be seen. Tourists can relax in peace because along with cruising in calm parts of the bay, there are only 9 luxury en-suite cabins, which means less people as compared to other cruises. The crew of 10 members is very cooperative and experienced enough to provide top-notch assistance to those on-board. The size of Carina Cruise is ideal, it is small enough to give a feeling of traveling in a group and it is big enough to help the tourists feel like they are traveling alone.

Duration : 3 days
From : $ 287.50 Book Now

  • Halong Bay Day Trip from Hanoi

With this day tour, people can experience the exotic, UNESCO recognized Halong Bay in a magnificent way, which the locals refer to as the “The Descending Dragon". 1,969 islands lie in the sea and add into the exquisite views that the tourists can witness.

Duration : 1 day
From : $ 48.00 Book Now

  • Full-Day Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi - Islands and Cave Visits and Kayaking Activity

This cruise trip, 4.5 hours long, will be an experience of a lifetime. Not only will the tourists enjoy cruising on the gorgeous Halong Bay in a traditional junk, but they will be able to experience different activities as well. Beautiful and unique limestone pillars along with tiny islets, together make the trip an experience that would stay in the minds of the people forever. This tour includes; kayaking to Fishman floating village and Thein Cung caves. Also, a seafood lunch will be provided to all those on board. Tourists who wish to go on a private tour have an option of a personal guide and vehicle.

Duration : 1 day
From : $ 42.00 Book Now


Choosing this package will allow the tourists to enjoy cruising in the Halong Bay, a heritage recognized by UNESCO along with some great activities. People on-board the 3-star traditional junk, will be entertained to the fullest with the legend stories about the bay and the other attractions that come across during the trip. The Wooden Cave also known as the Heaven Cave, which was built to keep wooden stakes lim General Tran Hung Dao Nguyen from invading Mongols. Kayaking and swimming are the two activities that the tourists will get a chance to enjoy during their trip.

Duration : 3 days
From : $ 220.00 Book Now

Hanoi Multi-Day Cruises:

Halong Bay has so many attractions and is so beautiful that spending a few hours here do not do justice to this majestic destination. Multi-day cruising is a perfect way to explore this UNESCO recognized heritage bay!

  • V'Spirit Overnight Halong Bay Cruise with Hanoi Pickup and Drop-off

The day trips to Halong Bay have their own charm but the experience of staying on this bay overnight is just indescribable. Not only is this spiritually rejuvenating for the tourists but it also lets the tourists experience the local life for a few hours. Exploring the caves, spending a time filled with solace at the Titoy beach and climbing at the top of the island to view the Halong Bay panoramically are the highlights of this overnight cruise trip. 

Duration : 2 days
From : $ 143.00 Book Now

  • Halong Bay Overnight Cruise from Hanoi

For an adventurous overnight trip to the Halong Bay, this package is a great option. The cruise which takes the people on trip around the bay is a 3-star cruise featuring 8 deluxe cabins with the most sophisticated furniture, providing the people on-board with utmost comfort and relaxation. The on-cruise chefs prepare the tastiest Vietnamese cuisine that the people can enjoy in the dining room with views of this enchanting bay.

Duration : 2 days
From : $ 149.00 Book Now

  • 2-Day Halong Bay Overnight Cruise from Hanoi

This package includes a relaxing 2-day tour of the Halong Bay in a beautiful traditional deluxe junk. Take in the scenic views, explore the historical caves and experience swimming in the turquoise waters of the Halong bay, something that you will remember throughout your lifetime.

Duration : 2 days
From : $ 139.00 Book Now

  1. Hanoi Food Tours:

For all tourists who love food and wish to try new cuisine and dishes, the food tours is one of the best things to do in Hanoi.

Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour

In this walking tour, group of 12 food fanatic tourists will get a chance to explore the best food streets and markets of Hanoi, with a local guide. People of this group can try fruits, specialty and hawker street food by walking around the streets of this ancient city. Moreover, the group of tourists will enjoy strolling in Dong Xuan, the largest covered market of the city.

Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes
From : $ 29.00 Book Now

  • Hanoi City Street Food Night Tour by Motorscooter

If you love food, this is a perfect package to choose. This is a food tour that will begin at night to explore the amazing food streets at night. Tourists can enjoy the delicious noodles, ambrosial BBQ dishes or the tastiest desserts while moving around the bustling streets on a motor scooter. It is a perfect way to enjoy the food and the nightlife of the city.

Duration : 4 hours
From : $ 49.00 Book Now

Hanoi Day Trips:

There are so many sights to explore in Hanoi and that is why different day trips are arranged to make sure that the tourists do not miss out any of the prominent attractions of the city.

  • Bai Dinh and Trang An Day Trip with Lunch and Electric Car

Hanoi is a beautiful city and historically a very important one as it is lined with numerous historical monuments and sights. Tourists can visit Bai Dinh, a very popular and the largest pagoda in the city, this place features hundreds of statues of Buddha, a significant place for the Buddhists around the world. Another UNESCO recognized heritage sight in Hanoi is the Trang An Complex with the Trang An River can be explored on this day trip.

Duration : 10 hours
From : $ 53.75 Book Now

  • Hoa Lu and Tam Coc Biking and Boat Day Trip from Hanoi

This is a day trip that will let the tourists enjoy both boating and biking around the city. The tourists are taken to Ninh Binh, a great place in the vicinity of the city located 2.5 hours away from the main city.

Duration : 12 hours
From : $ 34.00 Book Now

Hanoi Theater, Shows & Musicals:

If the tourists are not in a mood to explore the historical ruins, monuments or Pagoda, they can indulge into the musical entertainment in the city. Theatres, shows and musicals are an integral part of the city’s culture.

  • Water Puppet Entrance Tickets with Hanoi Hotel Ticket Delivery

Water puppet show is a major attraction of the city and it is a great show to witness. Tourists can enjoy the show at the time that is most suitable for them. With this package, the tickets along with program details will be sent in the hotel rooms. To enjoy this traditional show in Hanoi from a perfect seat, the tourists must reach the show 15 minutes before the starting time.

Duration : 50 minutes
From : $ 11.00 Book Now

Hanoi City Tours:

When visiting Hanoi, not exploring the city is not a good choice. This is a city of exploration and Hanoi sightseeing is something which attracts tourists from all around the world.

  • Hanoi City Full-Day Tour

Choose this city tour package to explore all the major attractions of the city, both historical structures and the natural attractions. The guide provided in this package narrates all the stories related to all the crumbling pagodas, 1000 years old labyrinthine streets, monuments and cultural attractions. Not only the tourists can enjoy exploring the city but they can gain a lot of knowledge about Hanoi.

Duration : 8 hours
From : $ 30.00 Book Now

Hanoi Cultural Tours:

Hanoi is an important city, both historically and culturally. The best time to explore this tourist destination is early in the morning when there is not much crowd on the streets and the major attraction spots.

  • Good Morning Hanoi Bike Tour

Cold morning winds and a bike tour in Hanoi, what can be better than this? The tourists who wish to enjoy Hanoi sightseeing without the crowds, this package is for them. This city tour begins early morning and is 4-hour long. Tourists can enjoy biking around the empty streets of a city.

Duration : 4 hours
From : $ 46.00 Book Now

Hanoi Overnight Tours:

The nightlife, here at Hanoi is filled with fun, thrill and excitement. The night tours have a spark of their own and is a great way to experience the sparkling nightlife of the ancient city.

  • Overnight Sapa Tour from Hanoi

For tourists who wish to enjoy the city at night or have a limited time stay can choose this package. With this package, people can get to stay at Sapa for 2 days and 1 night. There are numerous attractions in Sapa and this way all these attractions can be explored an enjoyed. This package also includes a stay in the best hotels in the area.

Duration : 2 days
From : $ 98.00 Book Now

Hanoi Private Sightseeing Tours:

Hanoi Sightseeing is very famous and one of the most popular things to do in Hanoi. Enjoy exploring natural; and historical sights to have the best sightseeing experience ever.

  • Private Hanoi City Half-Day Tour

This package offers two options, afternoon departure and morning departure. Tourists joining this tour can enjoy exploring the city highlights. It is a half-day tour that lets the tourists explore the best of Hanoi.

Duration : 5 hours
From : $ 34.00 Book Now

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