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Top Things to Do In Zanzibar

Home to the ancient Stone Town, the Zanzibar City, the capital city of Tanzania, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Having some of the best beaches in the world, this beautiful city is also known as the Spice Island, as after tourism, this is the major source of economy for the city. The temperature of this city stays calming throughout the year and that attracts millions of tourists all year round. This city offers so many things to the tourists but one of the top things to do in Zanzibar is sightseeing. Zanzibar sightseeing is very popular around the globe as the views offered here and the sights witnessed here have a charm that cannot be found anywhere else.

Zanzibar Day Trips:

The city is filled with numerous attractions for tourists to see and enjoy. It is often difficult for tourists to plan a tour on their own and they miss out on some major attractions and that is why these day tours are a perfect way to explore the most prominent ones in a short time.

  • Full-Day Stone Town and Prison Island Tour in Zanzibar

This is a full day tour that begins from the heart of Zanzibar city, the Stone Town, a world heritage site built from coral stone in the 19th and 20th century, and ends at the Prison Island also known Changuu, home to giant tortoises. This island was used to imprison the prisoners at the time of World War II. It is a perfect tour package to visit all the notable and renowned city attractions. 

Duration : 3 to 4 hrs
From : $ 129.00 Book Now

  • Zanzibar Spice Tour

As this city’s major source of economy is the spice business, not enjoying a spice tour in Zanzibar city is not a very wise choice. With this tour package, tourists will get a chance to visit the spice farms, get to know about the exotic spices along with some special vegetables and fruits that grow in this city. Know all about the Zanzibar spices in this amazing spice tour, which will also take the tourists to some of the most amazing historical places such as Maruhubi Palace, Livingstone House, Mtoni Palace, and the Kidichi Persian bath complex.

Duration : 3 to 4 hrs
From : $ 50.00 Book Now


Tourists who love animals and wish to explore the wildlife in Zanzibar city, this package is perfect for them as with this tour package they will get a chance to visit Mikumi National parks. At this national park, they will be able to see sights with buffalos, elephants, lions, wildebeests, Maasai giraffe, hippos, impalas, and crocodile, zebras, and warthogs. It is an amazing 3-hour game safari which will let the animal loves to make the most of their trip. The 3-hour flight will take the tourists from Zanzibar to the Mikumi National Park.

Duration : 1 day
From : $ 1,000.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Private Sightseeing Tours:

For tourists who do not wish to be a part pf public tours and want to explore the best of city with their friends and families alone, these private tours are the perfect option for them. These private tours cover all the major attractions of the city to provide the tourists with the most outstanding Zanzibar experience.

  • A Taste of Zanzibar - 6 Days

This is a 6-day tour of the Zanzibar city. The palm trees, white beaches, tropical islands, rich history, and a mixed culture are the top features of this city and this tour covers it all. Tourists will get a chance to explore the world heritage site, Stone Town, the beautiful spices’ farms and enjoy beaching on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world while enjoying the best of Zanzibar food. Tourists can choose their package according to their budget from the three categories; classic, superior and luxury. It is an exclusive private tour to provide the guests with the best beaching holiday and utmost comfort. 

Duration : 6 days
From : $ 985.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Cultural Tours:

Zanzibar is not just a city to go for beaching, it is a perfect getaway for historians and culture lovers. This is a city of rich culture and the perfect way to explore the cultural side of this city is to opt for the cultural tours of Zanzibar.

  • Shades of Zanzibar - Full Day

If the tourists are staying in Zanzibar for a short time, Shades of Zanzibar is the perfect tour package. In just one day, tourists can enjoy the most beautiful cultural attractions of the city under the guidance of a local cultural guide.

Duration : 8 to 9 hours
From : $ 143.00 Book Now

  • Zanzibar Food and Spices Tour Including Traditional Swahili Lunch

Zanzibar is popularly known as the spice island, with this tour package, tourists will enjoy a 4-hour spice tour. The tourists will be able to explore the most prominent spice farm and even try some of the most exotic spice types of Zanzibar. The farmers will also talk about traditional farming techniques with the tourists and will be taught a Zanzibar special dish. To add into the fun, the tourists will make the dish they learned and enjoy that with some other traditional Zanzibar dishes.

Duration : 4 hours
From : $ 41.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Half-day and Multi-day Tours:

Exploring Zanzibar has a unique charm. There are so many places to go and so many things to do. Tourists can have fun to the fullest by opting for half-day tours if the time of their stay is limited and even choose multi-day tours if tourists plan to stay for a longer time.

  • 4-Day Zanzibar Beach Holiday and Stone Town Tour

This is a 4-day tour which will let the tourists enjoy the world’s best beaches and the world heritage sites in the city. In these 4 days, tourists will explore the top attractions and experience the best beaching in the city at Kendwa Beach. This tour package includes excursions to Arab's Fort, Palace Museums, House of Wonders and exquisitely designed mosques. In addition to this, tourists will be able to visit the spice farms and plantations in the city.

Duration : 4 days
From : $ 775.00 Book Now

  • Dolphins and Jozani Forest Reserve Wildlife Tour from Zanzibar

For travelers who visit Zanzibar to enjoy natural aspects of the city, this package is perfect for them. Tourists will be able to visit the most naturally exquisite places in the city including the Jozani Forest, Uzi bay, Kizimkazi, a fishermen village, and the Chwaka Bay.

Duration :
From : $ 0.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Sailing Trips:

Sailing is one of the top things to do in Zanzibar City. Tourists who wish to make the most of their trip must go sailing to enjoy the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean and witness the enchanting views of the numerous islands.

  • Menai Bay Sailing Trip from Zanzibar

This is a perfect trip for tourists who love water activities. Tourists will get a chance to spend the entire day exploring the waters of Zanzibar. This tour will begin from Fumba, a famous fishing village in a traditional sailing dhow. The dhow will reach the Menai Bay which is home to sandbanks, bottlenose and humpback dolphins and many other fish species. Also, the tourists will be able to witness the numerous uninhabited islands. Tourists will enjoy snorkeling at this bay, followed by a delicious lunch, with seafood as the star! The lunch session will be followed by a sailing experience at the ngalawa. If the winds allow, tourists will be taken back to Zanzibar via a sailing trip.

Duration :
From : $ 0.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Day Cruises:

Cruising at the Zanzibar coast during the day is a beautiful experience. It provides views that dwell in the minds forever. Tourists will have the best time of their lives by choosing to go for cruising in this magical city.

  • Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll

For the tourist who wishes to see parts of Zanzibar that most of the tourists miss out, this package is the best one for them. One Ocean provides a snorkeling trip that is different as they take a route that not many people choose. They aim to provide an adventurous experience to the tourists by taking them to the Mnemba Atoll through the unpaved road crossing the exotic Muyuni village. One side of this trip is by boat. The group of tourists is expected to reach the meeting point in the morning from 8 a.m to 11 a.m and the trips last for 5-6 hours. Tourists can either choose speedboats or traditional dhows!

Duration : 5 to 6 hrs
From : $ 45.00 Book Now

Zanzibar Ports of Call Tours:

To enjoy Zanzibar at its best, these complete tour packages are a perfect choice for tourists. city tours, spice tours and a visit to other natural attractions of the city are included in these packages. It is a perfect option for tourists looking forward to Zanzibar sightseeing.

  • Zanzibar Shore Excursion - City Tour | Spice Tour | Jozani Forest ( 3 in One )

This is a 3-in-1 tour. It includes a city tour, spice tour and the visit to the Jozani forest. For tourists who love walking, this tour package is a great choice as it includes 8 to 9 hours of walking. Tourists get to explore Stone Town, the most popular area of Zanzibar and experience the local vibe of the city. Also, tourists are taken to the local farms of spices and to the Princess Salme palace ruins. In addition to all this, the group of tourists also enjoy the Nungwi Beach in Northern part of Island.

Duration : 9 hours
From : $ 85.00 Book Now


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