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The Food Life Of Zanzibar

Thanks to the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural groups that lived through different periods of time in history, Zanzibari cuisine has become a mixture of heterogeneous influences from Arab, British, Indian, Bantu and even Chinese styles of cooking. Zanzibari culture is intertwined with spices and this fact is best seen in its variety of cuisine and cooking styles. The place has culinary magic running in the air with the delicious aromas of vanilla and nutmeg traveling through the air.

Some of its most delicious and peculiar preparations include a Zanzibar pizza, a blend of meat, onions, pepper, mayonnaise and cheese, Biryani, cooked with cumin, ginger, chili, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves with meat, Sorpotel, an exotic curry mixed with flavors of India and Portugal, and Urojo, a curried coconut broth thrown into a bowl of a variety of ingredients. You can easily decide where to eat in Zanzibar City once you know what your palate is looking for.

  1. Forodhani Gardens

There are a lot of places to eat in Zanzibar City; each has its uniqueness. The Forodhani Gardens, a local market, offer a nightly affair by the water with delicacies like calamari steaks and crab claws. Its most peculiar offerings are the Octopus and shrimps on a stick. Local sugarcane juice is a must try.

  1. The Terrace Restaurant

The Terrace Restaurant of the Maru Maru Hotel offers a panoramic view of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the region along with a beautiful sunset at the horizon of Indian Ocean. Local Mishikaki, cocktails and Asian food will give your taste buds a jump while the breathtaking views will transport you into a trance. 

  1. Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel, historically is a significant part of Zanzibar, the Stone Town, is a luxurious hotel preferred mostly by those travelers who are looking to have an eclectic experience of the sophisticated side of Zanzibar. Its rooftop restaurant cannot be missed not just because it serves traditional delicacies with live music but also for its dreamy sights and the beautiful view of the ocean. Its specialty is fresh seafood prepared from the everyday catches of rock cod, kingfish, prawns, lobster, barracuda, red and white snapper, cobia, sailfish, tuna, sea bream, and crab.

  1. Taraab Square

The Taraab Square at the Botanic Country Resort has a live sports bar, a disco on weekends, an outdoor cinema showing English, Indian and African movies, and live music on weekends. It caters to the needs of travelers of all kinds be it the sports lovers, movie lovers, or those with a craze for live music. The place also offers comparatively reasonably priced drinks than other restaurants and bars of its kind, on the Zanzibari Island.

  1. The Rock Zanzibar

Perhaps one of the most scenic restaurants in Zanzibar City is The Rock Zanzibar. The restaurant gets its name from its location, a rock. Perched literally on a rock over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the restaurant is a hit among the locals and expats alike for exotic seafood. The restaurant has just twelve seats, considering it was originally being used as a fisherman’s post, thus making it important to make reservations in advance to get the seats with the best view of the ocean. Its specialties include squid, seafood spaghetti, octopus salad, and queen prawns. However, it caters to even its vegetarian foodies with its extensive menu.

  1. Tamu Italian Ice Cream

No meal is complete without a dessert. And one of the best things to touch your palate and satiate your sweet tooth in Zanzibar City would be the homemade ice creams. Made using exotic flavors mixing avocado, Nutella, mint, cherry, ginger, and masala, Tamu Italian Ice Cream on Kenyatta Road, Stone Town is one of the best of its kind. It offers a variety and more of these ice creams from its wide-ranging menus.  

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