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Food Guide: Phuket

What to eat in Phuket?

Since Phuket is in Thailand and as mentioned before it is famous for its seafood. You can have all that to you want but their seafood is unbeatable. The rich aroma of food around the streets, those enriching pure colors of food will definitely lead to rats jumping in your stomach and you will be compelled to done and dust it!

So, for this, you must know what the specialty of the island is and what you can eat there.

  • Tom Yam Goong – the spicy prawn and sour soup:

The delicious spicy prawn served with sour soup is the most popular and yummiest to have in Phuket. The most essential part of the dish is the soup which is made with coconut milk, mushrooms, and herbs. You can enjoy the meal with rice and noodles too.

  • Mee Hokkien Noodles:

This is the meal for noodle lovers, if you are one then you must taste this dish. The dish includes; fried noodles, pork, prawns, egg and rich herbs to carve you for this over and over again.

  • Dim Sum:

Dim Sum is Chinese cuisine. Though there are several dim sums in the street so it will be a little hard which to eat and which to not so the key is to go for the dim sum which has at least seven fluffy outlooks.

  • Green Curry Chicken:

The green curry chicken or Gaeng Kaew Wan Gai is the unique curry on the streets of Phuket. The curry has a chicken as by its name and it is served with two types of eggplants. It’s a must-try!

  • Por Pia – the spring rolls:

If you hungry and cannot just sit and have a meal then this Por Pia the Phuket’s special spring rolls are best for you. You can enjoy the wrapping filling of your choice and there you go!

Where to eat in Phuket?

This is the most baffle question, where to eat in Phuket? Because everyone wants to eat at the most comfortable level and deciding where to go in a new city will be a little tricky and risky. Here you will know about that where to eat in Phuket.  

  • Bampot Kitchen and Bar:

You do not have to spend too much on food the Bampot Kitchen and bar are affordable. It is a modern European kitchen and their inspiration is the European kitchen too. This is relatively cheap but it does not mean they do not care about the customers. Their menu, food can compete with any Haute restaurants in Phuket.

  • DeDos:

Where to eat in Phuket? DeDos is the answer because they offer one of the best dinings under your pocket. They are famous or blending their flavors well that it creates their unique taste.

  • Kan Eang@Pier:

Their specialty is seafood and local foods. They serve classic Chinese and Thai. They ensure the freshness of mushrooms, prawns, shrimps, and lobsters for consumer satisfaction.

Best places to eat in Phuket?

If you are foodie, then you will definitely adore Phuket. The restaurants there are serving the best of their foods to ensure the satisfaction of tourists and their habitats.

  • Mom Tri’s Kitchen:

It is one of the best places to eat in Phuket. The perfect fine dining with a minimal amount of light will make your evening even more satisfying and relaxing. Their décor is a must watch with terracotta flooring and soothing lightening. The perfect sunset view is an edge moreover they serve the best quality, fully hygienic food. You must visit Mom Tri’s Kitchen.

  • Black Ginger:

The black ginger restaurant is made on an island you can only travel by boat if you wish to. The restaurant has their own garden from which they use the herbs. You can have the Thai’s specialty here from Tom Yam Goong to the perfect Dim Sum, you name it and you have it! 

  • La Gritta Italian Restaurant:

If you are with your soulmate in Phuket then La Gritta is the place for you because it is considered to be the most romantic place in Phuket.

  • Acqua Restaurant:

This is the fine-dine for all you posh. They are inspired by the modern Italian style. They serve more than 50 Italian dishes, with the best service.

  • Blue Elephant:

This is surely the best place to eat in Phuket. They have about 12 branches in different countries of the world. It is posh, royal and their food has a unique, rich flavor. You will live the food there!

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