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Where to Stay in Bali?

An Indonesian Island, surrounded by Volcanic Mountains and featuring exotic views, Bali is one of the most major tourist attractions in the world. Bali is a beautiful island, not because of its gorgeous beaches, enormous mountains, but because it is a piece of authentic culture on this land. There is an essence of this place that works magically and inspires all the tourists who visit this place. This island, which is also known as the “island of the gods” has so much to offer to its visitors. This is a famous tourist attraction and it’s huge, it is filled with luxury 5-star hotels and even budget hotels! Deciding where to stay in Bali is something of utmost significance as the wrong decision can ruin the whole trip. Here is a guide for people to make it easy for them to choose where to stay in Bali!

Best Places to Stay in Bali

Stay in Seminyak to Experience the Best Nightlife in Bali:

This area in Bali is lined with beaches that offer breathtaking views of the ocean. It is perfect for tourists who have come to Bali to enjoy its beaches to the fullest. When it comes to the best food in Bali, Seminyak is the first place that comes in our minds due to the fact that this area has some of Bali’s best restaurants. This is, however, an upscale beach resort area of Bali and looking for luxury 5-star hotels and villas is easy. For those looking for budget Bali hotels here, might have difficulty as this area features high-end accommodation! The best nightlife in Bali? Seminyak is one of the two areas which offer an amazing nightlife. Live music, bars, nightclubs and what not, and the good thing is the nightlife is not hectic and chaotic! A drawback about staying here is that tourists will have to sit through traffic jams as this place gets crowded during peak seasons and due to the spacing between destinations, tourists will often have to walk!

Stay in the Coolest Area in Bali for Visit of Spirituality: Ubud

This is a significant area in the central highlands of the island. It is an area that features a beautiful landscape and by staying here, a tourist will like they are in a spiritual world. This area has a lot of greenery and there are not many beaches here. People come here for relaxation as this place is calm and peaceful. For tourists who love arts and culture, Ubud is the right place for them as this area has a lot of museums, ancient palaces, and temples. This place is good for luxury boutique hotels and villas, there are some options for those looking for mid-range hostels and hotels. The only drawback of staying in this green paradise is that the streets are narrow and congested.

Stay in the Most Affordable Accommodation and Enjoy the Best Beach in Bali: Kuta

This is the most popular beach in Bali. It is almost always crowded and is always flooding with tourists. This is the most popular ones on the island. It used to be a small fishing village, and today it serves as the surfing mecca is Bali. It is a perfect place for people who love crowded beaches. Another feature that makes this Bali area so popular is its nightlife. The nightlife in Kuta is the best in Bali as this place is filled with numerous nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and places that offer loud live music. The Bali hotels found here are most of the mid-range and budget hotels are easier to find. It is one of the most affordable areas to stay in Bali and is not for those who wish to live luxuriously and wish to enjoy Bali in peace and calmness! For surfers, this is heaven. Due to the popularity, the place gets very crowded and traffic jams are also common here.

Stay at the Legian Beach to Explore the Beauty of the Island:

Legion beach is also a very popular beach but the crowd here is less than that in Kuta. This beach is lined with resorts throughout the coastline that face the white sands rather than the main roads. The sunsets and sunrise here are so magnificent and the scenes are so captivating that it becomes difficult for tourists to take it out of their minds. For tourists looking for budget hotels and hostels, this place is a great option for them to stay in Bali. Also, this place features some mid-range family bed and breakfasts as well. For luxury lovers, there are some luxury Bali hotels in the area. As Legian beach is not very crowded, it is possible for people to stay here in quietness, peace, and calmness. Nightlife here at Legian beach is exciting as there are many amazing options of entertainment here. But the streets here are just like a maze and can be very confusing and navigation is a bit difficult here.

Stay in the Most Romantic Part of the City with the Love of your Life: Jimbaran

Looking for a romantic getaway in Bali? Jimbaran is where you must go. This is a top choice of all honeymooners! This place is not at all crowded, allowing couples to enjoy their time on quiet beaches. It is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples. Sunsets here are magical and it makes the ambiance so romantic and calming that every couple wishes to come here for their honeymoons. It is a perfect place for luxury seekers as the Bali hotels here, are luxury 5-star hotels that offer top-notch services to the guests. Finding budget hotels and mid-range accommodations is difficult here. A prominent feature of this area is it rich seafood. There are numerous cafes that serve ambrosial seafood dishes and as soon as the sun sets, the beaches are filled with tables of these cafes which are filled with tourists. The places are spaced on long distances, therefore, the guests will have to walk long distances to reach from one place to another.

Stay in the Most Family-Friendly Area of Bali: Nusa Dua

A family-friendly place in Bali? Nusa Dua. It is the most family-friendly destination in Bali. It is free of crowd and hassle. All hotels here feature kids’ special services. For luxury lovers, this is the perfect place as it lined with luxury villas and luxury boutique hotels and each of these face a beach. For a luxurious stay in Bali, Nusa Dua is the perfect option. As it is not much visited due to high-end resorts and Bali hotels, this area is super clean. Perfect for tourists who wish to relax in the resorts throughout their stay in Bali as all resorts here offer numerous activities. However, staying here means that tourists will stay disconnected to the authentic Bali culture.

Enjoy the Calm Beaches under the Sun: Sanur

Sanur is Bali’s first tourist resort area. It is perfect for long stays as it is calm and slow-paced. Some of the most legendary Bali hotels are located here. Luxury boutique hotels and mid-range hostels can be easily found here. It is filled with local art shops and restaurants that serve amazing food to travelers. It is more of a relaxation spot and that is why most of the elderly tourists and couples come here for their vacations.

Stay at the Island’s Water-Sports’ Center: Tanjung Benoa

An affordable version of Nusa Dua in Tanjung Benoa. This area is very famous for its water sports and it is the center of the best water sports in Bali. There is so much to do in this area during the day but the nightlife is not vibrant. For an adventurous and a stay full of fun, tourists must stay at Tanjung Benoa. Other than the water sports, this area has numerous great restaurants that serve quality food to the guests. Mid-range family-friendly hotels can be found here and some luxury hotels are also located in the area.

Enjoy the Beaches in Quietness and Away from the Crowds while Staying at Candidasa:

This is the most prominent destination in eastern Bali. Due to a small number of beaches, this place is not much visited by tourists and that is what makes staying here peaceful. This area comprises of Bali hotels of all ranges. Luxury lovers can get the most luxurious hotels here and the people looking for cheaper accommodations can find budget hotels here. Diving is the most common activity here and this area is filled with authentic Balinese culture.

Stay in the Capital Rich in History: Denpasar

If anyone wishes to experience the local Balinese life, this place is where they need to be. Tourists come here to get the most local experience as this city is filled with local culture. As provincial capital of Bali, is located at the center of the island, it is convenient for the tourists to travel to other prominent resort areas. Getting budget accommodations and mid-range hotels are easier here. People can stay here and travel around the island with ease and convenience. Filled with amazing shopping spots, this area is filled with locals as well as tourists, making it crowded and chaotic

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