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Planning a trip: Baku


Baku is one of the most desirable cities for tourists every year their tourism rate is getting higher. The city is the best example of mix culture they do not believe in letting anyone down they still follow their old tradition as well as with new ones. The city is famous for the great number of skyscrapers because of the high-heightened buildings.

You can explore food, new places, beautiful destinations, and what not! And one economic reason to visit Baku is that it is very cheap, and your currency will rank higher.

Best time to travel:

The weather in the city of fluctuates. You should have complete knowledge of when to visit Baku so that you do not mess up your trip. Baku’s climate ranges from hot to cold, warm to extremely hot. The weather in the city is unpredictable.

So, for your ease dividing the city’s temperature month-wise so then you may know when to see Baku.

  1. January:

When the glam of Christmas is over many of the peoples plan to visit a place, which is relatively warmer than the regular Januarys are. January is comparatively warmer, so people do visit this incredible place during warm weather.

  1. February:

This month is a little cold in the interior city but relatively mild on the Caspian Sea. The tourism rate is a little low this month, but the good thing is the accommodation rate will be very low and in your budget.

  1. March:

March can be very cold so if you can handle the low degrees then do visit Baku n March. Many of the cultural events take place in this month like the Persian new year, Zorostrain celebration. Every tourist wishes to visit Baku whenever this happens.

  1. April:

The temperature of the city is still very cold because the winters are not ended yet. This month has many of the architecture’s events.

  1. May:

The month can be a bit of rainy so do not forget to take your umbrellas with you. This is a special month for all the citizens because the month marked as the Democratic Republic for the country. This may not be the best time to visit Baku all because of this republic day because most of the shops are closed. A grand celebration is hosted by the city!

  1. June:

This is the time when summers hit the city and the summers here can be very hot and scorching the temperature can go up to 40℃. The month can be very hot also because of the humidity.

  1. July:

July can be comparatively less hot than June especially in lowlands, which makes the month best for hiking.

  1. August:

As time passes the city’s weather becomes cooler. The average temperature of august can be 18℃ to 28℃. This is the best time to visit Baku, though the city will be crowded but you will have the best roaming around the city, exploring every meter of the city.

  1. September:

The month is the best time to visit Baku you will get the experience to witness the most mesmerizing spot with deep blue color covered with heavy trees beautiful water and the place is Lake Goygal near Ganja. The month can be rainy, and the temperature of the month is also very low.

  1. October:

The month is full of clouds and drizzle. This is a perfect month for sightseeing in Baku and day trips to visit the beautiful architecture of the city.

  1. November:

This is the least tourists’ season very few of the tourists visit Baku in the end days of the year. This is the month for wildlife lovers unique and beautiful animals move from their places to the roads.

  1. December:

This is also the best time to visit Baku because many of the events happen in this month.

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