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Food Guide: Baku

What to eat in Baku?

The food of the city is very unique they have their specialties the food of the city is healthy, and they have a little bit of sour and sweet taste. Even though there are lots of places to eat in Baku so do not worry if the question where to eat in Baku pops up into your mind. There are a lot of things to try and every one of them is of great significance. Some of the delicious appetites are:

  1. Simple appetites:

The city is very simple, yet they serve the simple dishes which will be very overwhelming especially if you are out for breakfast. They have simple cut veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, etc. which is all healthy.

  1. Tea with jam:

This is surely a must-have dish to try on if you are in the city. They have teas with jams just to create that special sweet flavor and then this tea it been recognized by many of the states though it made a mark and became their tradition.

The tea gets an amazing texture and taste which makes it unique and peoples crave for it more than coffee.

  1. Dolma:

This should be awarded as the best dish made of lamb stuffed with rice and mint garnished with cinnamon powder, it is enough to get mouth filled with water.

  1. Others:

The must-try other dishes are dushbara, plov, pracha dosheme plov, dovga, and tandir bread.

Where to eat in Baku?

Before visiting any city or place you should have complete knowledge of the place. Where to at in Baku or what to eat are some of the questions you must take answers of.

You can eat and enjoy almost everywhere but there are some of the best places to eat in Baku.

  1. Passage 145:

Passage 145 is a European contemporary restaurant inspired by Europeans. The food of the place is very hygienic they make the best healthy food in the town and it is considered as the best.

  1. Cafecity Ganjlik:

This is one of the best places to eat in Baku. It is a European style café mainly famous for its tea and beverages.

  1. Cafecity Five:

It is a European and international restaurant with all delicious foods from seafood to vegetables. They do care of hygiene and service is up to the mark.

  1. Araz Café:

The Eastern European café surely has its style which is different from others and make the café a must-visit place.

  1. Dolma restaurant:

The place has Italian cuisine and the best dolma in the town. Their services are too good that none of the customers gets less satisfied with their services.

Best places to eat in Baku

Food is a thing which can be back off from no one. Avoiding food is impossible and especially when you are out or came to visit a place. It’s been said like hundred of times that food is life and yes, it is because it is that we work for. There are some of the best places to eat in Baku you should visit if you are planning to visit Baku, nearly.

  1. Bella pizza:

The Italian restaurant has the most dazzling Italian cuisine. Their service is so famous throughout the town.

  1. Bombay Zaika:

The Indian and European restaurant is definitely one of the best places to eat in Baku it has all of the Indian foods which is like a home.

  1. McDonald’s

Who does not know the most famous label of the time the McDonald’s? Their fast foods, quick bites, French fries, and ice cream are been asked a lot.

  1. Indian bar and grill:

Yet again the best places to eat in Baku, all of the Indian cuisine is been served with a special Chinese tint.


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